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Eco Clean Organic Dish Washing Liquid with Lavender - 500ml

- Organic & 100% Vegan

Eco Clean prides itself in bringing revolutionary household products at affordable pricing, changing our cleaning habits for the better. The Eco Clean Dish Washing Liquid with Lavender is a grease-busting agent that can power through all kinds of oil, stains, and grime. Using naturally-derived plant- and sugar-based ingredients from natural and biodegradable ingredients, the child-friendly dishwashing liquid uses natural essential oils and organic floral water. Say goodbye to dried out hands after each washing because the tough-on-grease dishwashing liquid has added Aloe Vera to moisturize your hand, is ECOCERT certified, uses 100% Post-Consumer Plastic (PCR) bottles, and biodegradable ingredients. The Eco Clean Dish Washing Liquid with Lavender is made 100% in Denmark.

Method: Add a few drops of the dishwashing liquid into a bowl together with a small amount of water and lather. Wash your dishes per usual.

Benefits of using Eco Clean Organic Dish Washing Liquid with Lavender:

  • ECOCERT certified
  • Tough on stains of every kind
  • Uses natural, organic ingredients
  • Is biodegradable
  • Contains pleasant lemon balm essential oil
  • Affordable pricing
  • Uses natural, eco-friendly ingredients
  • Packed in PCR bottles to help save the environment
  • Child-friendly
  • Makes it easy for you to save water and energy

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