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This Set Contains:

1 x Echosline S3 Invigorating Shampoo-1000ml HRD0000757 Worth RM 99.90

1 x Echosline T3 Anti Hair Loss Lotion -125ml HRD0000774 Worth RM 129.90

1 x Hair Wash Brush (Pink) FREE HRD0002123 Worth RM 9.90

1 x WP-3500A Hair Dryer (含温控) 3Mth Warranty FREE HRD0001892 Worth RM150.00

1 x Shopping Bag (Spring) FREE OTH0000418 Worth RM 9.90

1)Echosline S3 Invigorating Hair Shampoo:

• Rich in oligo-elements and herb extracts

• Works handsomely on fine, weak hair

• Prevents hair loss

• Great for all hair types

• Contains natural ingredients like nettle, rosemary, corallinacae extracts, as well as wheat and soy proteins

• Leaves hair silky soft

• Detangles

• Anti-static

• Adds volume to fine, weak hair

• Encourages hair growth

• Promotes stronger, healthier hair

2) Echosline T3 Anti Hair Loss Lotion -125ml

• Enriched with natural ingredients like rosemary and nettle extract

• Instant action against hair loss

• Stimulates and tones both hair and scalp

• Improves circulation and nourishes hair follicles from deep within

• Adds volume to fine, thinning, brittle and weak hair

• Suitable for both men and women, and all hair types

• Accelerates hair growth

• Decrease development of dandruff

• Contains natural vitamins and minerals

• Has a soothing effect on your scalp after each use

• Improves blood circulation

• Long-lasting effect

• Protects hair from regular blow-drying, straightening, and styling

Echosline 100% Made from Italy

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