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Train Your Beauty

Shampoos and conditioners with natural oils, vegetable keratin and Moringa extract so you can have lustrous, strong hair, 

Protected from pollution. A solution for each type of hair: 

Normal, Damaged, Dyed or Curly.

We Offer you a complete range of solution for body care. Maintain the health and good appearance of your skin with formulas that blend special ingredients and natural extracts. Take care of your skin. Nourish it. Moisturize it. Train Your Beauty.

Why Urban Fit? 

Because we don’t only want to be products. We want to share with you a way of perceiving life. We don’t believe in “perfect beauty”. We believe that beauty begins inside and is projected outward.

Because beauty is also an attitude. It’s the way you go out into the street everyday,  secure, confidently and smiling. 

Because we can help you get the best out of you

  • Dermotologically Tested
  • Parabens Free
  • Neutral pH
  • Natural Extracts
  • Not Tested On Animals